Booziotis & Company Architects celebrated 51 years of practice in 2016, developing not only timeless architectural solutions, but valued relationships as well.  After much consideration, the firm closed its doors in the fall of 2016.  If you are visiting our website to reconnect, or to discuss new work that continues the vision and values of our long term practice, we have a new home.  After 37 years practicing alongside Bill Booziotis, Aaron Farmer has joined OMNIPLAN Architects, where he and members of his team will continue working with former Booziotis & Company clients.  Aaron looks forward to hearing from you regarding ongoing or new projects in the arts, education, or public and civic architecture.

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“I believe that the language of architecture is not a question of a specific style. Every building is built for a specific use in a specific place and for a specific society. My buildings try to answer the questions that emerge from these simple facts as precisely and critically as they can.” 

Peter Zumthor, 2009 Pritzker Prize Laureate


We begin every project without any preconceived ideas of the final design outcome.  Through evaluation of the program requirements, the design unfolds informing the layout in terms of space, materials, and illumination (both natural and artificial).  We integrate the client’s hopes, dreams, and desires into a unified whole, conceived around the specifics of their needs, and informed by the context of the site.  Our approach is sensitive to the environment around us—topography, sun movement, views, flora, existing buildings—all are considered in order to create a unique and special place.  The expression of these considerations will form an appropriate architectural design.

We look at every possibility to create an architecture that is appropriate from the most grand scale to the smallest detail.  Through subtle use of light and material we strive for spatial solutions that delight – creating something extraordinary in the process.


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